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A unit of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Pvt. Ltd. opening up DEORI ROAD, AGRA is promoted by the OM
 SAI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY with an attention to promote the modern education at an international level with all the facilities and a state-of-the-art acdemic and administrative buildings. DPS AGRA is one of the premium school chain in India. It′s network of English medium, co-educational schools provides education from pre-nursery/Nursery to Class XII. It is not just a list of institutions but a network of values, systems and relationships.

DPS has been well thought of both in its philosophy & methodology to bring about a radical change and stimulating growth and development to a child′s Linguistic, Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive and Creative areas by new innovative concepts and techniques.

Today when there is cut-throat competition, massive challenges and ever changing scenarios, we at DPS strive to work towards shaping a confident and be-fitting generation





The education in the modern era has completely changed and one has to understand the importance of the TRIO ( Student - Teacher - Parent). All these three are very much important for the constructive modren society. As the global space demands the future citizen to be an all-rounder into a constructive idealistic human being, the need and support of a teacher and parent is always there for a student.

For this cordial relationship and the develop of the child in a overall view our School brings lot varieties of activities in its State-of- the-art academic building and a beautiful green campus with ultra modern facilities. Mere facilities are not enough. I personally feel that the implementation is the real struggle and all my team members are ready ofr this challenge.

Our academic and administrative team has developed an abstract plan to utilise the maximum resources made available by the School management and use them effectively for the maximum benefit of the child. Our motto "Physically fit and mentally alert" will always remind us as well as our team that we should prepare ou students for the global market.

Our Schools intension is to promote the education and cater to all the categories of students in the Society. we at our DPS AGRA never differentiate between any students in terms of the student capacity. We always treat everyone equally and evry student in my eyes is equal in learning and understanding.

My main motto behind starting up DPS in Deori Road, Agra is to promote good and standard education in and around areas of Deori Road through the OM SAI EDUCATIONAL TRUST.

I wish all my students, parents and especially the teaching fraternity and my acdemic team  a very big success in their future endeavours.






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Admission Open

Registration for the admissions begin from 5th Decenber, 2013.

DPS Agra



We are Shortly Open DPS School Branch
in Tal Semri Gwalior Road Agra
PLease contact for More Information
Tel : 91-562-6888868

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